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UPVC Door Lock Repair:

Door locks are one of the essential parts of a door, and they act as a barrier to keep burglars out and protect your property.

But what happens if your UPVC door lock breaks? It may need to replace the entire lock cylinder or replace the latch mechanism. You might tempt to call in the professionals to fix it.

Should your uPVC door not lock while closing, this is due to adjustment and, in most cases, is easy to fix either by fixing the lock strike/keep or roller points or by aligning the door hinges.

Door Lock Problems I Fix

1.Door not locking properly
2.Keys not turning in the lock
3.Keys hard to turn in the lock
4.Keys broken in the lock
5.Door sticking
6.Door alignment issues
7.UPVC door lock problems
8.Snapped cylinder locks

Is the door out of alignment or warped?

Cheap UPVC doors can bend. Suppose your door appears at the top and bottom of the frame but not in the middle, your door is possible to be curved and needs repairing.
If your door meets at the top, but there is a break at the bottom, it could just need to adjust the hinge to pull it back into shape.

Type of hinges Flag hinges

Normally found on modern UPVC doors, this hinge style gives you the most control over adjusting the door. Sideways, vertically and compression (pushing the door closer and further to the door jamb).

Butt hinges

These are the oldest style of hinges seen on older uPVC doors but are still common today. Depending on the age of the hinge, it might have just an oblique adjustment, lateral and vertical or no change at all.


This style of hinge is comparable to a flag hinge and can normally be managed laterally and vertically.

The UPVC Door Lock Repair can also fit onto any windows or even shop gates, giving you peace of mind that your property will be secure.

The best way to fix a broken door lock is to replace it, and here are some techniques that we use.

  1. We use an adjustable wrench to loosen the screws on the door frame and then remove the screws from the door frame.
  2. Grasp the locking mechanism in one hand while using another hand to push up on the opposite side of the door until it pops loose.
  3. Carefully remove the broken part of the lock with pliers or other required instruments.
  4. Clean off any rust or debris from around the edge of where you removed it from with steel wool or a wire brush.
  5. Apply a layer of oil or lubricant around where you removed it with a cloth.
  6. Once removed, we take a new UPVC lock and insert it into place.
  7. We attach all of the screws back in place and tighten them up with a wrench or screwdriver.

Why Repair Your Door Locks?

  • Upvc door locks are the most common type of lock used on the doors of homes and businesses. They are inexpensive, strong and easy to install. However, several issues can arise with these locks, making them unusable.

    The five most common UPVC door lock problems include: broken UPVC door locks, jammed Upvc door locks, worn-out UPVC door locks, incorrectly installed Upvc door locks and picking a bad quality UPVC Door Lock Repair.

    Broken UPVC door locks can be caused by someone trying to break in or overtime. The lock may need to be replaced, or you may drill out the keyhole.

    A jammed UPVC door lock is often because of a key being left inside the lock after you open it. It can happen if you forget your keys at home and use a spare key, but then don’t take it out of the lock afterwards.

Different Types Of UPVC Door Locks:

UPVC door locks are a perfect way to keep your home and family safe. The UPVC Door Lock Repair is installed on any external doors and windows to give additional security for your property.

UPVC door locks are one of the best ways to protect your belonging from intruders and burglars. Intruders cannot easily break into them because they have strong, sturdy construction. One type is a deadbolt lock with a bolt that slides into place to secure the door from the inside. They can be manual or automatic, which means they will need to be turned by hand or clicked with a key. 

There are many different UPVC door locks, and our most popular types of UPVC door locks are:

  • Mortise locks
  • Rim locks
  • Cylinder locks

We also have Keyless UPVC locks that can install in minutes and are more secure than traditional locks because they allow extra protection from an alarm system.

Instant Techniques To Repair or Replace UPVC Door Lock:

A jammed or impaired UPVC door lock may happen anytime. Many people don’t know how to open a UPVC door when the key is stuck in the lock. But, we use a few techniques to open such imperfect UPVC door locks.

  • The first way is to use a pin or bolt and push it in from the outside of the door until you hear a click sound. 
  • Sometimes we use a key extractor. This tool is inserted into the keyhole and then twisted to release the lock. 
  • The third technique is to use a plunger or a coat hanger. Both techniques are used by inserting them into the keyhole and then using them as levers to unlock the door.
  • Another technique is to use the keys made of metal and insert them into the lock with one hand while turning them with another hand.

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