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UPVC Mechanism Repair

When you lock the door by pulling the handle up, it becomes more brutal, and you have to force it?

Firstly verify the door lock works with the door open, if so there is no issue with the mechanism, but the door needs realigning, ring me, and I can solve the problem.

If the door won’t open or close?

The difficulty might be the euro cylinder or the mechanism. Don’t panic. I specialize in solving this difficulty. I carry a wide range of the most popular replacement stocks of my van and 90% of the time, I can solve the issue in one visit.
If I can’t solve the issue in one visit and have to order a part, I will put a temporary lock in the door, so you can use it and return it at an available date and fit the new lock without pricing for a return visit.

Lock Changes and UPVC Mechanism Repairs

These locks are commonly found on UPVC or composite doors and can quickly be replaced, generally these are only locks on the door; therefore, you want to ensure the correct lock is fitted.

You might want to change your euro cylinder for several reasons:

  • The most general is that you have gone home and you want a new set of keys for the estate; if there are several locks, I can re-pin the safety so 1 key operates different locks
  • If you are changing your cylinder lock, I would advise upgrading your lock to an anti snap lock.
  • Sometimes the euro cylinder becomes stiff and you have to force the lock; if this is the case I
  • Would call me instantly, it might be a simple cylinder change but it could be the mechanism.

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